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Adding Adaptive Release Criteria

About Adaptive Release Criteria

Criteria are the parts that define an adaptive release rule. You can apply one or more criteria to each rule. For example, one rule may make content available after a specific date, while another rule, with multiple criteria, may make content available to a Course Group after a specific date.

The following table describes available criteria:

Adaptive Release Criteria
Criteria Description
Date and Time Display content based on a date or time. Options include:
  • After a specific date
  • Until a specific date
  • Within a time frame
Username Display content to one or more users.
Course Groups Display content to members of one or more groups in a course.
Grade Center Column Display content item to users based a grade or a calculated column.
Grade Center: Item with at least one attempt Display content based on a recorded attempt by the user, instead of a required score. For example, if a student has completed the test or a grade has been entered for a submitted assignment.
Grade Center: Item with a specific score Display content based on a required score. Options include:
  • Less than or equal to
  • Greater than or equal to
  • Equal to
Grade Center: Item with a score between X and Y Display content based on a range of scores. For example, if a student scores between 85 and 100 on an exam.
Review Status an item Display content to the user only after an associated item has been marked as Reviewed.

Next Steps

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