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Creating Basic Portfolios

Take some time to set a goal for the Portfolio and think about the point you want to make. Create an outline of the points to highlight in your Portfolio. Make sure that each point has sufficient supporting material and is presented in a clear and concise manner.

Creating a Basic Portfolio is a two step process. First, you must create the portfolio. The first step creates a shell for your portfolio. Once you have named and designed your portfolio, you will need to build it. Within the build process there are three types of materials that you can add to your portfolio: Content, Links, and Items.

About Basic Portfolio Item Permissions

When you are adding content collection items to your portfolio you need to be aware of the permissions on those items. Any content collection item in your portfolio must have Read permission for users to be able to view it. To help with organization, create a specific folder for your portfolio items and set the permissions at the folder level to Read.

Next Steps

Managing Basic Portfolios