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Using Smart Views in the Grade Center

As you provide and view grades, you are obtaining information on how students are performing in your course. You can tailor your view of student progress by creating Smart Views. A Smart View is a focused look at the Grade Center. It shows only the columns that match a set of criteria, and the view is saved for continued use. When the Grade Center includes a great number of students and columns, you can use Smart Views to quickly find data.

Several Smart Views are available by default, but you can also create your own. You can easily move between the Full Grade Center view and any of the available Smart Views. You can set a Smart View as the default view of the Grade Center and change it at any time.

With Smart Views, you can view the progress of the following:

Example: Tracking Low Scores

You create a Smart View to track students with low scores to quickly see which students need help. You can email these students directly from the Grade Center or decide to create remedial materials or alternative assessments for them.

Example: Assessment Comparison

You create a Smart View to display only two columns in the Grade Center grid: a calculated Total column for tests and a calculated Total column for assignments. You can compare the two columns to gauge how students are performing on each type of assessment.

Viewing Smart Views in the Control Panel

In the Grade Center section of the Click to toggle glossary term definition: <begin definition> Control Panel <end definition>., favorite Smart Views appear in alphabetical order as an indented list under Full Grade Center. In a new course, the Assignments and Tests Smart Views appear in the list by default. When you click Assignments, the Grade Center page opens and only assignment columns appear in the grid. When you click Full Grade Center, all the columns appear in the grid.

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You can tag Smart Views as favorites so they appear in the list, allowing you to easily navigate from one view to another. At any time, you can remove a Smart View from the list on the Control Panel. To learn more, see How to Add Smart Views to the Favorite List on the Control Panel.

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