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Creating Forums in the Discussion Board

A discussion board forum is an area where participants discuss a topic or a group of related topics. Within each forum, users can create multiple threads. A thread includes the initial post and all replies to it. You can create forums and threads to organize discussions into units or topics relevant to your course. To distinguish between forums and threads, see Understanding Discussion Forums and Threads.

Forum settings allow you to use the discussion board in different ways. For example, to control a forum, an instructor creates all threads, moderates, and grades the posts. For a student-led discussion, you can allow students to create new threads with the option of posting anonymously.

Note:  Grading and rating discussion posts is not available with a basic lcense.

As you create forums, select the appropriate settings based on the pedagogical goals for your course:

To help students stay connected with discussion board content, you can enable email alerts and add a discussion board link alongside content. To learn more, see How to Allow Email Alerts for New Discussion Posts.

If you created groups in your course, you can enable group discussion boards. Group members are allowed to create their own forums and threads, and apply the settings to fit their needs. To learn more, see Creating Group Discussions.

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