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Editing Tests and Questions

On the Test Canvas, you can add, edit, and delete questions in a test. You can also add question sets or random blocks, reorder questions, and edit a test's information before students submit attempts.

Access the Test Canvas from the Grade Center, the Course Tools section in the Click to toggle glossary term definition: <begin definition> Control Panel <end definition>., and by accessing a deployed test in a course area, such as a Click to toggle glossary term definition: <begin definition> Content Area <end definition>. or Click to toggle glossary term definition: <begin definition> Learning Module <end definition>..

After students submit attempts, the ability to modify a test is limited. Once a test has attempts associated with it, you cannot add a question, modify the number of questions in a question set, or change a random block definition or options. However, you can edit, delete, reorder, and change the point values of existing questions. Deleting questions or changing the point values affect all previously submitted test attempts. All affected submissions are regraded.

Note:  If a test has one or more attempts in progress, you cannot delete questions.

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